Wind Jewelry

HOORAY! Yes, this is my new business and I am super happy to make a Wix-hosting webshop for myself.

Wind Jewelry webshop was officially brought to the public in the begining 2024. The business was started in December 2023, dedicated to crafting and selling jewelry made of freshwater pearls. These pearls originate from the third-largest freshwater lake in China, named Lake Tai, nestled in my hometown Suzhou.

I grew up in an environment where the females in my life all wore pearls. As my cornerstones of strength, pearls mirror the love of my mom and grandma. That was the motivation behind this business — to feel and give female power and confidence.

The main body of the website was the webshop, showcasing all the products on shelf. Also a newletter system was introduced to go hand vy hand with its instagram posts, considering my targeted customer groups.

Surely this website is still and will be continuously updated by YAO art & design.

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