about me


Hi there! I am Winnie YAO. I come from China, born in Suzhou and lived in Nanjing, Xi’An, Beijing, Wageningen (NL), Den Bosch (NL) and Eindhoven (NL & currently).

Yes, as the other pages shown, I am a freelance Web Designer and a Painter. I enjoy sharing my knowledge about designing and marketing with my clients. Together we map the best routine what and how the site visitors would see from these websites.

For my clients, I first make clear about the purpose of the website, so we could generate the its information map or architechture of it. Then I will give out my advice on how to organize your pages in terms of the UX/UI consideration. To know more about how I work, please click here or get connected!


She is More Than You Knew...



As part of my working experience, I am (looking for a new job as) an international purchaser and supply chain coordinator.

Since 2016, I started writing stories (Chinese) in my free time, which are posted on my wechat public account.

I professionally translate between English and Chinese.

Since 2021, my podcast Wake Up Now is published, which gives conversations between several young Chinese.