The creative Store

My client, International Creative Women, is a wonderful organization that focuses on helping and uniting international females in the Netherlands. They hold workshops and wholesale products created by women originated from all over the world.

During the COVID-19 crisis, I joined the team as a web designer and developer. The goal of my project was to build up a web shop for the products in the store, while they also started to present other types of business, for example selling materials.

The website is hosted and developed on a Dutch server, Duda. A clean UI and a feminine feeling were required. In this project, all services were included in one web shop system, from which Professional Services was later on moved out. The client decided to keep this part as a negotiable business, therefore I made it as an independent page.

It was lucky to have an experienced shop manager, Donna, on our board and the organization founders, Yolima, Sally and Dorangela, to work on this project with. Together we launched the new website in the February of 2021.

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