Studio Thinnai

My client Abi is an interior designer with years of experience. She recently restarted her work as Studio Thinnai in the Netherlands and was ready to bring her business to a next level.

First, I introduced her different popular web servers and Wix was picked as the client wished to work on the website easily. Then we discussed and decided together on the wanted content of the website and the best plan of information hierarchy. After that based on the logo and the mood board, I designed and built six menu pages for the her.

Besides the static pages, a blog system was installed as the client required. For her portfolios, considering Wix has a limited style for blogs, it couldn’t satisfy my clients’ need. Therefore, I designed a portfolio page and the case post template, with which she could showcase her case work in the look that fits her style.

On this website, especially on the about page, small animations were noticeable. They were created on almost every page, to increase the vigor of the pages.

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Platform: wix